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Review: Indico Street Kitchen | Food&Drink

Indian street food is hardly a new offering to the Birmingham food scene, with venues such as Mowgli and The Indian Streatery already flying the flag high. Indico Street Kitchen is located within The Mailbox, a popular dining, retail and entertainment area just a five-minute walk away from New Street station. My boyfriend and I visited quite late on a Monday evening, since it was the perfect location for a post-cinema meal. The restaurant itself was moderately sized but was not very busy at all

The Lick-Assos of Our Generation: An Unconventional Method of Fund-Raising | Culture

Food & Drink Editor Chloë Hyde writes about dogs, peanut butter, and paintings, and how the animal rescue SARA combined all three to raise money for their charity Dogs and peanut butter: a match made in canine paradise. There are many viral videos involving this heavenly pair; one of my favourites involves owners covering cling film in peanut butter, wrapping it around their foreheads and using it as a distraction whilst trying to clip their pup’s nails. In addition to this adorable distraction

TV Character Spotlight - Jess Day (New Girl) | TV

Even though I only watched New Girl for the first time last year, it has rivalled my prime comfort TV shows such as Friends, Fleabag, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and The Vampire Diaries. How I managed to last all these years without watching it I will never know, and forever regret – this show is a genuine, light-hearted take on the American sitcom which never takes itself too seriously. It is no wonder it is such a huge hit almost ten years later, with new and old viewers watching on repe

Top Five Birmingham Based Food Accounts to Follow | Food&Drink

With a city as diverse and vast as Birmingham, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming trying to scout the best food spots. One of the best ways I discover hidden gems, including the latest openings, is through following Brum-based food accounts. Though there are so many out there, these are the ones that I have come across. The accounts I selected offer an exciting array of foodie venues (both chain and independent), coupled with reviews and accompanying photographs. Seeing actual photogra

Review: Old | Film

M. Night Shyamalan’s newest thriller Old is an incomprehensible whirlwind. Based upon the 2013 graphic novel ‘Sandcastle’ by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters, Old tells the story of a family who end up on a secluded beach, where time is mysteriously accelerating rapidly. In true M. Night Shyamalan fashion, the exact reason for this extraordinary event is left for debate right up until the last moments of the film, allowing viewers to try and unfold the mystery alongside the characters – le

Review: Luna Springs | Food&Drink

Digbeth’s new cocktail bar and restaurant Luna Springs, located on Lower Trinity Street, undoubtedly fits the Instagram vibe. The outdoor venue is named after The Lunar Society of Birmingham which was an 18th century group who would meet at the full moon. Fittingly, Luna Springs is the perfect set up to dance in the moonlight into the early hours. Their opening on 12th April aligned with the easing of the Government’s lockdown restrictions, ready and raring to invite customers to experience the

The Cult of Percy Pig | Food&Drink

Food&Drink Writer Chloe Hyde delves into the culture of Percy Pig, a tasty treat from Marks and Spencer that has the heart of the whole nation Even though Percy Pig first hit the shelves in 1992, the past few years have seen an incredible merchandise boom for Marks and Spencer. The original pig-shaped gummies, which are strawberry, raspberry, cherry and grape flavoured, are now just one of many Percy-related items. Other items include easter eggs, cushions, bed linen, soft toys, face-coverings,

Recipe: Tasty Vegetarian Trifle | Food&Drink

If you lead a vegetarian lifestyle like I do, you have probably come across the trouble of finding certain things without gelatine at some point. Over Christmas, I wanted to make a trifle for my family because I don’t like Christmas Pudding for one, and secondly I didn’t want to have something stodgy after Christmas dinner – so the fruity option was a good one. I could not find a nice vegetarian jelly without having to go to a health food store, so this is an easy way of making your own fresh ve

EU Debate Over Labelling Meat Alternatives | Food&Drink

Meat substitutes are a helpful stepping-stone into reducing your meat consumption Vegetarians and vegans across the globe have probably been faced with this question at some point in their lives: ‘but why would you want to eat something that’s imitating meat?’ One answer could be that meat substitutes are a helpful stepping-stone into reducing your meat consumption, while still being able to cook the meals you loved before the switch. Another common answer is that many of the veggie and vegan al

Film's Halloween Spooktacular 2020 | Film

It’s that time of year again. The pumpkins are out and the knives are sharpened. The streets are murky with fog and the chocolate is surprisingly discounted. Halloween is the perfect time of year for spills, thrills, and some film-themed chills. Here at Redbrick Film, we’ve compiled our list of recommendations for your Halloween movie night. Each film has been ranked in ‘spookiness’ out of five pumpkins, to help you navigate the various levels of horror and find your taste! So hide under the bla

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